Jamil Shrine Circus
PO Box 210543
Columbia, SC 29221

(866) 362-0557

Make a sponsorship today and be a part of the fun! Your sponsorship will stay in the local area and help keep the Shrine operating for years to come. AND as a Thank You, you will receive a complimentary coupon for your family equal to the amount of your sponsorship commitment, so that you and your family can enjoy a day of fun at the circus too!




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Presenting the Hanneford Shrine Circus
Jamil Shrine Auditorium
 2/7/2019Thursday07:00 PM
 2/8/2019Friday07:00 PM
   10:00 AM
 2/9/2019Saturday03:00 PM
   07:00 PM
   10:00 AM
 2/10/2019Sunday01:00 PM
   06:00 PM


Benefitting Organizations
Big Brothers / Big Sisters
Hope House
Babcock Center
Newberry Disabilities and Special Needs
Brian Center
C.O.C. Region A
Eastern Star, Order # 394
St. John Church
Tara’s Group Home
Outpatient Children’s Hospital
And many more...